About Econo Catering, Tampa

As the economy tightens up on everyone’s wallet, certain luxuries, like parties and events, start to feel the effects too. But, they don’t have too! That’s why Econo Catering was developed. Saving you money and getting the most for your dollar. Your events, parties and memorable occasions don’t have to suffer the economies tight squeeze on your budget.

Family Owned, 30 Years’ Experience

Family owned and operated, we are dedicated to making your event happen, offering you the most, food and service, for your budget. Over 30 years’ experience in catering business through out Florida. We are excellent off premise caterers, who can accommodate your needs no matter where you event takes place. Fully equipped and mobile, we are there for you.

Great food and service! We are award winning chefs, prevailing in and out of many culinary challenges over the years. In food, menus  and presentations. Lot of pride and dedication goes into any and all of our food services. Whether it is your Wedding Day or even just a simple delivery for lunch, we assure you it will do our best to make it perfect for you.

All that being said…If you need help in planning your next function…call us! We are friendly and easy to work with and we will work our hardest to make your event happen. We are budget friendly company and will be happy to try and accommodate your needs. We can custom create menus and services to fit your wallet…

We always say, “Don’t let fancy names and high prices lure you to your next caterer. “

Econo is the only way to go!

Visit us at our new location and Restaurant…

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